Features of Bookmykart Grocery Manager's Application

What will you get with Bookmykart Manager's Application

Order management

Order placed will then be sent to the manager of the store. Managers can mark the products in stock or out of stock in any order. Then the manager sends the order to the picker to pick items from the store

Product management

The manager can manage the products available in their outlet

Inventory or stock management

The manager can manage the inventory of the products available

Accept of Reject any Order

The manager can accept or reject any order based on the availability

Track orders

Keep track of the orders sent by the store

Assign Delivery Boy

Once the order is packed by the packing boy, the manager can then assign that order to the delivery boy.

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Different App for Different Process.

You will get 4 different applications to make an easier process to dispatch orders even if you have multiple stores.

Different Application for Customer, Store Manager, Packer & Delivery Boy

Learn More About Customer Application

Learn More About Packer's Application   Learn More About Delivery Boy's Application

And a Master Admin Panel to manager the complete software.  Click to Know the Features of Master Admin Panel

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