Bookmykart FAQs: Get answers of most of your queries.


  • Grocery Ecommerce Queries

    Here are some commonly asked questions.

  • Q: What is BookmyKart Grocery App?
    Ans: BookmyKart Grocery application is an online application specially designed for local grocery dealers, fruit and vegetable sellers and other small retailers dealing in basic essential needs of any customer.
    Q: Will I get my own logo?
    Ans: Yes, the complete application will follow your brand name only.
    Q: Do I need to pay any yearly fees?
    Ans: No, if you buy a single license upfront payment plan.
    Q: Does the platform have a security feature?
    Ans: Yes, we will install the SSL certificate to your application which will provide an additional layer of security to every transaction on the platform.
    Q: Who will set up the application?
    Ans: Our team of experts will take care of this task with ease. You just relax and start making marketing plans to promote the application.
    Q: Will my application go live in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store?
    Ans: Yes, with your app name.
    Q: Can I get a customized App?
    Ans: We have provided few options to customize the app like a change of logo, change in colour of the application only.
    Q: Do you provide marketing support as well?
    Ans: Yes, we have a separate team to promote an application. For that, please get in touch with our sales team.
    Q: Will I get updates?
    Ans: In the Monthly plan, you will get lifetime updates for FREE. In the upfront payment plan, you will get updates only for the 3 months from the date of the app launch. After that, you can buy our update plan at Rs.10,000 per year.
    Q: What is the after-sales support I get?
    Ans: We believe in long term business relations. You will get complete support from our team to successfully launch your products to your application.