Create a Hyperlocal App with Bookmykart

What are the requirements to launch the application?

We will help you in every step to launch your ecommerce grocery store, arranging the below requirements in advance will help us in speeding up the process.

  • PayU merchant account to process online payments

  • Google MAP API KEY with all the API and Billing enabled

  • An active SMS package for OTPs and SMS notifications

  • Server with Linux Hosting and cPanel

  • Domain name

  • SSL certificate

  • Play Store Developer Account

  • Apple Developer Account

  • Firebase Console Account

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Different App for Different Process.

You will get 4 different applications to make an easier process to dispatch orders even if you have multiple stores.

Different Application for Customer, Store Manager, Packer & Delivery Boy

Learn More About Customer Application   Learn More About Manager's Application

Learn More About Packer's Application   Learn More About Delivery Boy's Application

And a Master Admin Panel to manager the complete software.Click to Know the Features of Master Admin Panel

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